TPS – Temporary Protected Status

It is a temporary protection status granted to citizens of a foreign country once the government decides that the conditions of that country do not allow the immigrant to return to their country safely or when the country is unable to handle the return of its citizens properly. Many times it is granted after a natural disaster in the foreign country. People with TPS can get a work permit.

¿How is it obtained?

After the government appoints the citizens of a country to receive the TPS, the government indicates a registration time for these foreign citizens to apply. The application is made through the form I-821D and the form I-765.

¿What are the requirements?
  • Be a citizen of a country designated for TPS, or have had the last country as the designated country.
  • Have applied to the TPS during the initial registration period and re-register in the established periods..Have been physically present in the United States from the date of entry into force of the most recent designation date in your country.
  • Have lived continuously within the United States since the date indicated for the TPS of the designated country.
  • Not to have committed crimes that disqualify him.
¿How can we help you?

We will determine if you qualify for the benefit to request and we will accompany you throughout the process from beginning to end.