Department of Immigration

A request for forgiveness is a procedure in which we ask the government to forgive us for any violation of immigration laws that we have committed in order to obtain residency or maintain residency. For example: A person that enters the United States undocumented and stays for 10 years. When they leave their country for a residency appointment, they will be imposed 10 years of punishment because that’s what the law says. Then, they must ask forgiveness for living undocumented in the United States. If they give them the pardon then they can re-enter the United States with residency. If they do not grant the pardon and they leave then they will have to stay in their country of origin for 10 years.

¿How is it obtained?

Depending on the type of pardon you require (there are several types of pardons) the process requires an application with evidence to the immigration department.

¿What are the requirements?

The requirements vary according to the type of pardon solicited. Here are some examples:

  • Form I-601 for fraud: The applicant must meet the following requirements:
    • Must have a wife, husband, mom or dad that is a citizen or resident.
    • You must prove that your family member will be in “extreme” suffering as a result of his/her inability to obtain residency and reunite with them.
    • Example: The applicant has a wife with cancer and the applicant is the only one who works and the health insurance is through the applicant and the wife needs the care and attention of the husband because he has no other family member to take care of her. This is just an example.
  • Form I- 212 for having been deported previously: For this pardon the applicant must prove that he/she has good moral conduct, that he/she has family members who would suffer if he/she were not allowed to re-enter, as of other things.
¿How can we help?

We will carefully evaluate your situation and help you prepare the best possible pardon within your life circumstances. We will create the best strategy to meet the requirements of the government and will accompany you in the process from beginning to end.