Residency: Status Adjustment

Is the procedure in which we ask the immigration department to allow us to reside in the United States and obtain a legal residency card or “Green Card”.

¿How is it obtained?

Depending on different factors, residency through the process of adjustment of status is obtained by asking the immigration department for residence through a family-type immigrant visa, a work visa, an investor visa, an immigrant visa special (VAWA, U visa, etc). Once the person has an approved immigrant visa then they can apply for residency. Sometimes we can ask for the visa and the residence at the same time. There are specific circumstances in which a person can apply for residency within the United States. Many times the person can have the direct relatives who can request them but do not qualify to apply for residency within the United States.

¿What are the requirements?

Depending on each case, the requirements are different for family, work, investment purposes or special immigrant visas.

¿How can we help you?

In our office we will evaluate your case carefully to determine the best result and we will be with you through every step of the process to obtain your residency. We will prepare all your documents and their respective translations and we will guide you in each part of the process.