Deportation Cancellation

It is an immigration benefit that can only be requested when one is in the process of deportation and that, if approved, allows the immigrant to become a legal resident of the United States.

¿How is it obtained?

It is obtained by submitting the EOIR-42B application to the Immigration judge. Once the application is submitted and presented with the attorney’s written brief and evidence, the district attorney and judge will review your request,then your application will be reviewed in a trial where the judge will determine if the immigrant qualifies for the benefit or not.

¿What are the requirements?
  • More than 10 years living in the United States continuously
  • Good moral conduct
  • No history of past deportation
  • Having a mom, dad, wife or children that are American citizens or legal residents
  • Be able to prove that your relative citizen or permanent resident will suffer an EXTREME AND UNUSUAL SUFFERING if you were to be deported.
¿How can we help you?

At Pereira Immigration Law Group, our attorneys will analyze your immigration status and help you prepare the cancellation of your deportation case in the best way possible. From the analysis of your situation, the preparation of your requests and evidence, the preparation of your trial with any witnesses who will appear in your case until the final hearing and the decision of your case, we will be with you. Our commitment to our clients is to do the best possible work with dedication, responsibility, and honesty.