Motion to Leave Under Bond

When a person is detained by immigration authorities (ICE), ICE officials must determine if the person is eligible to see a judge or if they are to be deported. If the person can have their deportation case processed in front of a judge, then the ICE officer must decide if the detained person can be released on bail and have their case processed in the immigration court, or if the person must do the process while in detention.

If the officer decides not to bail, the immigrant can request a judge to reevaluate the decision made by the ICE officer, then they will determine if the person can be released on bail or not. This procedure is called: “Motion to request reconsideration”. This process must be done by an attorney.

¿How is it obtained?

It is obtained by filing a Motion of Reconsideration for Bail in the Immigration Court that is in the area where the immigrant is detained.

¿What are the requirements?
  • Prove that you will present yourself to your immigration hearing.
  • Prove that, before the law, you qualify for bail (if you have not committed an aggravated felony)
  • Other requirements
¿How can we help you?

At Pereira Immigration Law Group our attorneys will analyze your immigration status and help you prepare your case in the best way possible. From the analysis of your situation, the preparation of your requests and evidence, the preparation of your trial and the witnesses who will appear in your case until the final hearing and the decision of your case, we will guide you. Our commitment to our clients is to do the best possible work with dedication, responsibility, and honesty.