Representation in Immigration Court

When a person is placed in the process of deportation, the person must appear before an immigration judge. The process begins with an NTA (Notice to Appear).The person should seek the help of a lawyer at that precise moment. The lawyer will then evaluate the situation and decide if they can fight the person’s deportation in Court or if there is no way to do so at the time.

The lawyer should appear with you in front of the judge and explain to the judge whether you’ll ask for a benefit.

¿How is it obtained?

It is obtained by appearing before the judge and asking for a certain benefit specified by law.

¿What are the requirements?

The benefits that can be requested in front of an immigration judge vary according to the situation of the immigrant.

¿How can we help you?

At Pereira Immigration Law Group, our attorneys will evaluate your situation and seek solutions to help you stay legally inside of the United States.