Carolina RondonLaw Clerk

Carolina was born and raised in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and has been living in the United States for about two years. She received her law degree from Santo Tomas University, Bucaramanga in 2016. Prior being admitted to practice law in Colombia, Carolina worked as a Law Clerk in the Department and Housing and Community Development of her city for two years, and as a legal assistant for FRUEXCOL, an exportation of exotic pulp fruits company. During her law studies, Carolina was an exchange student in Marista University, Merida- Mexico where she had the opportunity to learn about Mexican law and to have a meaningful life experience with students from around the world. Soon Carolina found her passion in international law which made her moved to the United States to study English as Second Language in the University of California, Sacramento. After four months of intense English studies, Carolina was admitted to McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento for the Transnational Business Practice program, a Master in Law (LLM). Though her program had an international focus, Carolina took immigration law classes, and she rapidly found out another passion: She is passionate about working for bettering life of immigrants. Carolina volunteered multiple times with Sacramento Food Bank and the immigration clinic of McGeorge School of Law advising immigrants in their Naturalization and DACA applications. Excited about acquiring more knowledge and experience in immigration law, Carolina moved to Las Vegas after her LLM graduation and currently works as a Law Clerk. Nowadays, Carolina is pursuing her Attorney license to practice law in United States as well. In her free time, Carolina enjoys to travel, to run, to dance and to spend time in the outdoors.

¿Why does she work on behalf of immigrants?

“I love that we as immigrants are one big family. Being an immigrant myself, I love to use my skills and knowledge to help immigrants with their legal status the same way as many immigrants friends have helped me throughout my journey in the United States. Today I’m blessed to find in my job an opportunity to serve the immigrants community, and it inspires me to see how immigrants positively change others’ lives with their own abilities or capacities.”.